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Thordarson to Hammond
Part No.
Part No.
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CFP-201 187A10 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-203 187A12
CFP-205 187A16
CFP-207 187A20
CFP-209 187A24
CFP-211 187A28
CFP-213 187A36
CFP-215 187A48
CFP-217 187A56
CFP-219 187A120
CFP-300 186B10 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-301 187B10
CFP-302 186B12
CFP-303 187B12
CFP-304 186B16
CFP-305 187B16
CFP-306 186B20
CFP-307 187B20
CFP-308 186B24
CFP-309 187B24
CFP-310 186B28 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-311 187B28
CFP-312 186B36
CFP-313 187B36
CFP-314 186B48
CFP-315 187B48
CFP-316 186B56
CFP-317 187B56
CFP-318 186B120
CFP-319 187B120
CFP-400 186C10 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-401 187C10
CFP-402 186C12
CFP-403 187C12
CFP-404 186C16
CFP-405 187C16
CFP-406 186C20
CFP-407 187C20
CFP-408 186C24
CFP-409 187C24
CFP-410 186C28 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-411 187C28
CFP-412 186C36
CFP-413 187C36
CFP-414 186C48
CFP-415 187C48
CFP-416 186C56
CFP-417 187C56
CFP-418 186C120
CFP-419 187C120
CFP-500 186D10 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-501 187D10
CFP-502 186D12
CFP-503 187D12
CFP-504 186D16
CFP-505 187D16
CFP-506 186D20
CFP-507 187D20
CFP-508 186D24
CFP-509 187D24
CFP-510 186D28 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-511 187D28
CFP-512 186D36
CFP-513 187D36
CFP-514 186D48
CFP-515 187D48
CFP-516 186D56
CFP-517 187D56
CFP-518 186D120
CFP-519 187D120
CFP-600 186E10 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-601 187E10
CFP-602 186E12
CFP-603 187E12
CFP-604 186E16
CFP-605 187E16
CFP-606 186E20
CFP-607 187E20
CFP-608 186E24
CFP-609 187E24
CFP-610 186E28 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-611 187E28
CFP-612 186E36
CFP-613 187E36
CFP-614 186E48
CFP-615 187E48
CFP-616 186E56
CFP-617 187E56
CFP-618 186E120
CFP-619 187E120
CFP-700 186F10 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-701 187F10
CFP-702 186F12
CFP-703 187F12
CFP-704 186F16
CFP-705 187F16
CFP-706 186F20
CFP-707 187F20
CFP-708 186F24
CFP-709 187F24
CFP-710 186F28 186 & 187 Page 
CFP-711 187F28
CFP-712 186F36
CFP-713 187F36
CFP-714 186F48
CFP-715 187F48
CFP-716 186F56
CFP-717 187F56
CFP-718 186F120
CFP-719 187F120

Part No.
Part No.
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MIM320 162D10
MIM321 164D10
MIM322 162D12
MIM323 164D12
MIM324 162D16
MIM325 164D16
MIM326 162D20
MIM327 164D20
MIM328 162D24
MIM329 164D24
MIM330 162D28
MIM331 164D28
MIM332 162D36
MIM333 164D36
MIM334 162D48
MIM335 164D48
MIM336 162D56
MIM337 164D56
MIM338 162D120
MIM339 164D120
MIM420 162E10
MIM421 164E10
MIM422 162E12
MIM423 164E12
MIM424 162E16
MIM425 164E16
MIM426 162E20
MIM427 164E20
MIM428 162E24
MIM429 164E24
MIM430 162E28
MIM431 164E28
MIM432 162E36
MIM433 164E36
MIM434 162E48
MIM435 164E48
MIM436 162E56
MIM437 164E56
MIM438 162E120
MIM439 164E120
MIM520 162F10
MIM521 164F10
MIM522 162F12
MIM523 164F12
MIM524 162F16
MIM525 164F16
MIM526 162F20
MIM527 164F20
MIM528 162F24
MIM529 164F24
MIM530 162F28
MIM531 164F28
MIM532 162F36
MIM533 164F36
MIM534 162F48
MIM535 164F48
MIM536 162F56
MIM537 164F56
MIM538 162F120
MIM539 164F120
MIM620 162G10
MIM621 164G10
MIM622 162G12
MIM623 164G12
MIM624 162G16
MIM625 164G16
MIM626 162G20
MIM627 164G20
MIM628 162G24
MIM629 164G24
MIM630 162G28
MIM631 164G28
MIM632 162G36
MIM633 164G36
MIM634 162G48
MIM635 164G48
MIM636 162G56
MIM637 164G56
MIM638 162G120
MIM639 164G120
MIM720 164H10
MIM721 162H10
MIM722 164H12
MIM723 162H12
MIM724 164H16
MIM725 162H16
MIM726 164H20
MIM727 162H20
MIM728 164H24
MIM729 162H24
MIM730 164H28
MIM731 162H28
MIM732 164H36
MIM733 162H36
MIM734 164H48
MIM735 162H48
MIM736 164H56
MIM737 162H56
MIM738 164H120
MIM739 162H120
MIM820 164J10
MIM821 162J10
MIM822 164J12
MIM823 162J12
MIM824 164J16
MIM825 162J16
MIM826 164J20
MIM827 162J20
MIM828 164J24
MIM829 162J24
MIM830 164J28
MIM831 162J28
MIM832 164J36
MIM833 162J36
MIM834 164J48
MIM835 162J48
MIM836 164J56
MIM837 162J56
MIM838 164J120
MIM839 162J120
PCP150 161FA10
PCP151 160F10
PCP152 161FA12
PCP153 160F12
PCP154 161GA12
PCP155 160G12
PCP156 161K12
PCP157 160K12
PCP158 161H12
PCP159 160H12
PCP160 161GA10
PCP161 160G10
PCP162 161EA16
PCP163 160E16
PCP164 161FA16
PCP165 160F16
PCP166 161G16
PCP167 160G16
PCP168 161H16
PCP169 160H16
PCP170 161J10
PCP171 160J10
PCP172 161EA20
PCP173 160E20
PCP174 161FA20
PCP175 160F20
PCP176 161G20
PCP177 160G20
PCP178 161H20
PCP179 160H20
PCP180 161H10
PCP181 160H10
PCP182 161E24
PCP183 160E24
PCP184 161F24
PCP185 160F24
PCP186 161G24
PCP187 160G24
PCP188 161H24
PCP189 160H24
PCP192 161E28
PCP193 160E28
PCP194 161F28
PCP195 160F28
PCP196 161G28
PCP197 160G28
PCP198 161H28
PCP199 160H28
PCP202 161E34
PCP203 160E34
PCP204 161F34
PCP205 160F34
PCP206 161G34
PCP207 160G34
PCP208 161H34
PCP209 160H34
PCP212 161E40
PCP213 160E40
PCP214 161F40
PCP215 160F40
PCP216 161G40
PCP217 160G40
PCP218 161H40
PCP219 160H40
PCP222 161E56
PCP223 160E56
PCP224 161F56
PCP225 160F56
PCP226 161G56
PCP227 160G56
PCP228 161H56
PCP229 160H56
PCP232 161E120
PCP233 160E120
PCP234 161F120
PCP235 160F120
PCP236 161G120
PCP237 160G120
PCP238 161H120
PCP239 160H120
PFC190 229E30
PFC192 229A30
PFC200 229E10
PFC202 229A10
PFC204 229B10
PFC206 229C10
PFC208 229D10
PFC210 229E12
PFC212 229A12
PFC214 229B12
PFC216 229C12
PFC218 229D12
PFC220 229E16
PFC222 229A16
PFC224 229B16
PFC226 229C16
PFC228 229D16
PFC230 229E20
PFC232 229A20
PFC234 229B20
PFC236 229C20
PFC238 229D20
PFC240 229E24
PFC242 229A24
PFC244 229B24
PFC246 229C24
PFC248 229D24
PFC250 229E34
PFC252 229A34
PFC254 229B34
PFC256 229C34
PFC258 229D34
PFC260 229E40
PFC262 229A40
PFC264 229B40
PFC266 229C40
PFC268 229D40
PFC270 229E56
PFC272 229A56
PFC274 229B56
PFC276 229C56
PFC278 229D56
PFC280 229E88
PFC282 229A88
PFC284 229B88
PFC290 229E120
PFC292 229A120
PFC294 229B30
PFC296 229C30
PFC298 229D30
PFC300 229E230
PFC302 229A230
PFC324 229B120
PFC334 229B230
TICP-10-56 183K10
TICP-12-56 183K12
TICP-16-56 183K16
TICP-20-56 183K20
TICP-24-56 183K24
TICP-28-56 183K28
TICP-36-56 183K36
TIPC-10-10 183G10
TIPC-10-2.5 183E10
TIPC-10-20 183H10
TIPC-10-30 183J10
TIPC-10-5 183F10
TIPC-12-10 183G12
TIPC-12-2.5 183E12
TIPC-12-20 183H12
TIPC-12-30 183J12
TIPC-12-5 183F12
TIPC-16-10 183G16
TIPC-16-2.5 183E16
TIPC-16-20 183H16
TIPC-16-30 183J16
TIPC-16-5 183F16
TIPC-20-10 183G20
TIPC-20-2.5 183E20
TIPC-20-20 183H20
TIPC-20-30 183J20
TIPC-20-5 183F20
TIPC-24-10 183G24
TIPC-24-20 183H24
TIPC-24-30 183J24
TIPC-24-5 183F24
TIPC-24.2.5 183E24
TIPC-28-10 183G28
TIPC-28-2.5 183E28
TIPC-28-20 183H28
TIPC-28-30 183J28
TIPC-28-5 183F28
TIPC-36-10 183G36
TIPC-36-2.5 183E36
TIPC-36-20 183H36
TIPC-36-30 183J36
TIPC-36-5 183F36
TIVL-10-130 185F10
TIVL-10-175 185G10
TIVL-10-25 185C10
TIVL-10-43 185D10
TIVL-10-80 185E10
TIVL-12-130 185F12
TIVL-12-175 185G12
TIVL-12-25 185C12
TIVL-12-43 185D12
TIVL-12-80 185E12
TIVL-16-130 185F16
TIVL-16-175 185G16
TIVL-16-25 185C16
TIVL-16-43 185D16
TIVL-16-80 185E16
TIVL-20-130 185F20
TIVL-20-175 185G20
TIVL-20-25 185C20
TIVL-20-43 185D20
TIVL-20-80 185E20
TIVL-230-130 185F230
TIVL-230-175 185G230
TIVL-230-25 185C230
TIVL-230-43 185D230
TIVL-230-80 185E230
TIVL-24-130 185F24
TIVL-24-175 185G24
TIVL-24-25 185C24
TIVL-24-43 185D24
TIVL-24-80 185E24
TIVL-28-130 185F28
TIVL-28-175 185G28
TIVL-28-25 185C28
TIVL-28-43 185D28
TIVL-28-80 185E28
TIVL-36-130 185F36
TIVL-36-175 185G36
TIVL-36-25 185C36
TIVL-36-43 185D36
TIVL-36-80 185E36

Part No.
Part No.
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TSD-100-EU 175A-EU 175 Page
TSD-200-EU 175B-EU
TSD-500-EU 175D-EU
TSD-750-EU 175E-EU
TSD-1000-EU 175F-EU
TSD-1500-EU 175G-EU
TSD-100-NA 175A-NA 175 Page
TSD-200-NA 175B-NA
TSD-500-NA 175D-NA
TSD-750-NA 175E-NA
TSD-1000-NA 175F-NA
TSD-1500-NA 175G-NA
TSU-100-EU 176A 176 Page
TSU-200-EU 176B
TSU-500-EU 176D
TSU-750-EU 176E
TSU-1000-EU 176F
TSU-1500-EU 176G

Part No.
Part No.
Web Page Link 
23V17 169QS 169 Page
23V289 175D-NA 175 Page
23V338 175A-NA
23V339 175B-NA
23V294 175F-NA
23V296 175G-NA
23V364 171A 171 Page
23V365 171B
23V366 171C
23V367 171E
23V368 171G
23V369 172A 172 Page
23V372 172D
23V373 172F
23V374 169PS 169 Page
23V399 176C 176 Page
23V400 176D
23V510 175E-NA 175 Page
23V549 175C-NA
23V550 176F 176 Page

These cross references list items which are equivalent or can be a reasonably close substitution. Units may have slight electrical and/or mechanical differences. Consult our "Transformers & Inductors" catalog 5C-08 or this website before making substitutions (page links provided above).

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