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SL Waber
Part Number
Part Number
3SP 1584H4A1
4S 1584H4A1
4SPDX 1584H4A1
4SPDX-15 1584H4B1
4SPDX-DP 1584H4A1
5 1584T5A1
6NX-6 1584H6A1
6SP 1584H6A1
6SPDX 1584H6A1
6SPDX-15 1584H6B1
6SPDX-DP 1584H6A1
7S 1584H7A1
8 1584T8A1
24CB 1584H6A1
24CB-15 1584H6B1
602 N/A
602-15 N/A
603-CB 1584T4A1
603CB-15 1584T4B1
900CB 1582H6A1BK
900CB-15 1582H6B1BK
903CB 1582H6A1BK
903CB-15 1582H6B1BK
904CB 1583H6A1BKX
904CB-15 1583H6B1BKX
911CB 1583H6A1BK
911CB-15 1583H6B1BK
911CBRA-15 1583H6A1BKRA
4407 1585T7A1
4413 1585T15A1
4508 1586T10A1
4610 1587T10A1
4619 1587T19A1
CL4810-6 1585T10A1
CL4810-15 1585T10B1
CL481020-6 1585T10C20
CL4810S-6 1585T10A1S
CL7011-6 1587T10A1
CL7011-15 1587T10B1
CL7712-6 1588T12A1
CL7712-15 1588T12B1
DG115-SI ZT407
DG206 ZT407
DG315-SA 1583H6A1SBK
EP6S ZT206
PS6ZS P0801
SS6 ZT2001
SS6T ZT2001
SS7408-6 1585H8A1S
SS7415-15 1585H15B1S
SS7619-6 1587H19A1S
UL15CB-6 1584H6A1
UL15CB-15 1584H6B1
UL17CB-6 1584T8A1
UL17CB-15 1584T8B1
UL18CB-6 1584T8A1
UL18CB-15 1584T8B1
UL24CB-6 1584H6A1
UL24CB-15 1584H6B1
UL24RA-6 1584H6A1RA
UL24RA-15 1584H6B1RA
UL25PCB-6 1580H7A1X
UL25PCB-15 1580H7B1X
UL602CB-6 1584T5A1
UL602CB-15 1584T5B1
UL603CB-6 1584T4A1
UL603CB-15 1584T4B1
UL605CB-6 1584H4A1
UL605CB-15 1584H4B1
UL608-6 1584H4A1
UL608-15 1584H4B1
UL620-6 1589H6F1
UL620-15 1589H6F1
UL800CB-6 1580H10A1
UL800CB-15 1580H10B1
UL7208-6 15852H8A1
UL7208-15 15852H8B1
UL7408-6 1585H8A1
UL7408-15 1585H8B1
UL7415-6 1585H15A1
UL7415-15 1585H15B1
UL7610-6 1587H10A1
UL7610-15 1587H10B1
UL7619-6 1587H19A1
UL7619-15 1587H19B1
ULA4E-6 1584H4A1
ULA4E-15 1584H4B1
ULA4TME-6 1584H4A1
ULA4TME-15 1584H4B1
ULA6E-6 1584T6A1
ULA6E-15 1584T6B1
ULA6TME-6 1584H6A1
ULA6TME-15 1584H6B1
ULHC-4-6 1584T4DH-6
ULHC-4-15 1584T4DH-15
ULHC-6-6 1584T6DH-6
ULHC-6-15 1584T6DH-15
WT2P ZT1001-2
WT4 ZT1001-4
WT4M ZT2001-4
WT6 ZT2001
WT8 ZT1001-8
X911CB-186 1589H6C1BKRR
X999-646 1581T4
X999-767 1581T8
X999-770 1581T6

These cross references lists items which are equivalent or can be a reasonably close substitution. Units may have slight electrical and/or mechanical differences. Consult our catalog PB-02 or this web site before making substitutions.

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