Outlet Strip

SL Waber | Wiremold



Wiremold to Hammond

Part Number
Part Number
2008ULBC20R 1589T24F1
2008ULBC20R-TL 1589T24C1
2008ULBD20R 1589T24G1
2008ULBD20R-TL 1589T24D1
4810ULBC 1585T10A1
4810ULBC20R 1589T48F1
4810ULBC20R-TL 1589T48C1
4810ULBD 1585T10B1
4810ULBD20R 1589T48G1
4810ULBD20R-TL 1589T48D1
7011ULBC 1587T11A1
7011ULBC20R 1589T70F1
7011ULBC20R-TL 1589T70C1
7011ULBD 1587T11B1
7011ULBD20R 1589T70G1
7011ULBD20R-TL 1589T70D1
7712ULBC 1588T12A1
7712ULBC20R 1589T77F1
7712ULBC20R-TL 1589T77C1
7712ULBD 1588T12B1
7712ULBD20R 1589T77G1
7712ULBD20R-TL 1589T77D1
IEC5 1581T5
J06B0B 1583H6A1BK
J06B0B20 1589H6F1BKRR
J06B0BX 1583T6A1BK
J06B0B20X 1589T6F1BKRR
J06B2B 1583T6B1BK
J06B2B20 1589H6G1BKRR
J06B2BX 1583T6B1BK
J06B2B20X 1589T6G1BKRR
J24B0B 1583H6A1BKX
J24B2B 1583H6B1BKX
J60B0B 1582H6A1BK
J60B0B20 1589H6F1BKRF
J60B0BX 1582T6A1BK
J60B0B20X 1589T6F1BKRF
J60B2B 1582H6B1BK
J60B2B20 1589H6G1BKRF
J60B2BX 1582T6B1BK
J60B2B20X 1589T6G1BKRF
J60B0B-90 1582H6A1BKRA
J60B2B-90 1582H6B1BKRA
R610 1584H6A1
R612 1584H6B1
UL100BC 1584T5A1
UL100BD 1584T5B1
UL101BC 1584T4A1
UL101BD 1584T4B1
UL104BC 1584H4A1
UL104BD 1584H4B1
UL204BC 1584H7A1
UL204BD 1584H7B1
UL205BC 1584T8A1
UL205BD 1584T8B1
UL206BC 1584T6A1
UL206BD 1584T6B1
UL207BC 1584H6A1
UL207BD 1584H6B1
UL209BC 1580H7A1X
UL209BD 1580H7B1X
UL218BC 1584H8A1
UL218BD 1584H8B1
UL300BC 15852H8A1
UL300BD 15852H8B1
UL401BC 1585H8A1
UL401BD 1585H8B1
UL402BC 1585H16A1
UL402BD 1585H16B1
UL403BC 1585T8A1
UL403BD 1585T8B1
UL404BC 1585T16A1
UL404BD 1585T16B1
UL2062BC 1587T12A1
UL2062BD 1587T12B1
UL2063BC 1587T24A1
UL2063BD 1587T24B1
UL2064BC 1587H12A1
UL2064BD 1587H12B1
UL2065BC 1587H24A1
UL2065BD 1587H24B1
ULB420-6 1589H4F1
ULB420-15 1589H4G1
ULB620-6 1589H6F1
ULB620-15 1589H6G1
ULB820-6 1589H8F1
ULB820-15 1589H8G1
ULBH4-6 1584T4DH6
ULBH4-15 1584T4DH
ULBH6-6 1584T6DH6
ULBH6-15 1584T6DH

These cross references lists items which are equivalent or can be a reasonably close substitution. Units may have slight electrical and/or mechanical differences. Consult our catalog PB-02 or this web site before making substitutions.

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